What’s it like to work at BVR?

Dedicated Team 
BVR Group Asia is growing fast, we keep looking for talented people, to ensure the success for our 6 different divisions. Each division has its own strategy and goals, and that’s why we have all kinds of different people working here, with different skills and backgrounds to make sure that the company’s vision come to life.

Team Spirit
We have lots of different projects going on within our 6 divisions and that’s why we encourage our staff to work together as much as possible, to share ideas and visions with each other. There are of course times that you will need to work individual as well! We do work a lot, but we try to mix work and fun together as well, by doing a fun activity.

True Partners

We are working together with various companies and we take those partnerships very seriously. Our clients are of great priority and that’s why it is important to work together with a team, that is disciplined and driven, day in and day out, to ensure that those partnerships last.

Room to Grow

Since you will be working in a dynamic environment, your skills will most definitely be challenged a lot and you will come across situations where you might have to think out of the box. This is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow and to grow.